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Hi folks,

Thanks for tuning in to our program. We’ve been up to all sorts of crazy things here, as per usual. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

All our cattle have been reunited in our paddock behind the barn. Little Sol is healing up and mom needs to spend some time with her friends. They can now all get on with their main business: eating grass.

Harvest has really been picking up lately, and we’re now open an extra day each week: Thursday: 3pm to 7pm. We no longer sell eggs from the store since they are all reserved in advance through our egg shares. Add your name to our waiting list online if you are interested for next year.

We do have tones of vegetables though! Carrots and beets have made a first appearance, and summer squash varieties like pattypans and Ronde de Nice are producing strong.

If you happen to take pictures while you’re at the farm, we would love to see them. This is our first season in 6 years without any paid staff whatsoever and it has been hard to keep up with our online presence, pictures, PR, etc. Even if you just add your pics on Facebook and post the link on our page that would be a great help!

***Important*** Centertown Information
We’ve been kicked out

Carolyn spent the afternoon at our Centertown pickup for the last two weeks to introduce herself to our downtown customers. Many of you don’t have the chance to make it out to the farm, so we wanted to say hi and make sure the pickup process was going well.

Although everything seems to be going well with the pickup, Carolyn received some very bad news from our pickup site neighbour. It seems neighbourly relations between residents at our site have broken down and we are being asked by our host’s neighbour to relocate…

There has been no complaint towards any of you; we are simply accidental casualties in an escalating neighbourly conflict. I am attempting to negotiate, but I have been told the outlook is grim and that I should send a request to our membership for a new location. Does anyone live in or near Centertown and have accessible space for a dozen bins?

So, for now it’s status quo, but do stay tuned because your pickup will change in the week or two.

CSA Update
On another note:

We’ve been sending out some pretty full boxes these past couple weeks. Yesterday, large boxes included a dozen items! Here’s a quick list of what you’ve been getting:

Lettuce: This week we’re sending out a couple heads of Crisphead lettuce. This a variety of the infamous iceberg-type lettuce. Wash it and chop it up as soon as possible to keep it from browing. Some love it, some hate it, but we can’t see a a lettuce collection in the garden without at least one selection of crispy lettuce. Enjoy! You’re also getting another head of Nancy, which has been generating a lot of positive feedback from you. There’s more on the way!

Kale: More lacinato kale. Our chard is just about ready so we’ll be able to give you a rotation of kale and chard pretty soon, to keep you eating those hardy greens.

Scallions: Seasonal onions.

Garlic scapes: Seasonal garlic. Personally, we can’t imagine a meal without garlic, and this just happens to be the only garlic we have right now. So we send it out to you. But if you don’t want ’em, don’t take ’em! No worries. Bulb garlic will be coming out of the ground very soon and we’ll be able to switch over before you know it.

Carrots: Ready for the taking.

Golden beets: Super sweet and mild beets that don’t stain are able to impress even beet haters. Seperate the tops, which you can store and cook seperately.

Radish: Hot and crispy, just the way they’re suposed to be!

Summer squash: A combination of summer squashes that can be enjoyed in together or seperate.

Cukes: People often wonder what to do with cucumbers besides sandwitches. Got any ideas you’d like to share?

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