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Farm Chores

Farm chores   

I had the pleasure of taking on all the chores this weekend, to give the other team members a well deserved break.  We take over each other’s chores regularly (I got a break last week), but this was the first time I took care of everyone at once.  We all have chores, and my quasi-chore is taking care of the seedlings in soil blocks… which isn’t quite the same as dog-sitting, cat-sitting, fish-sitting, cow-sitting, sheep-sitting, chicken-sitting, duck-sitting, gosling-sitting and chick-sitting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lots of fun to do it all at once, but it also makes you appreciate how much everyone doing their own little part helps the farm run like clockwork.


On that note, I’d like to introduce everyone in pictures this week:

David is the farm steward and mastermind behind Riverglen, and he’s trained us up to be an awesome farm team to work with him!  Here he is in the springtime putting compost onto the fields.

David Tractor

Carolyn is his partner and despite working full time off the farm, she still makes time to play in the fields with us. David once teased us for talking too much as we worked, so she started talking to the cat. We all laughed! Here she is rocking the lawn-mower attachment on the tractor keeping the grass under control.

 Caro Tractor

Steve is an intern and was dubbed the ‘duck father’ by a visitor, and I think the title is appropriate.  Here he’s fixing some re-used drip tape from last year.  We found lots of leaks that needed to be cut out and the hoses re-connected.  There’s a peek at his face in the soup picture too, I’ll have to get a better picture for next week.

 Steve Irrigation Fix

I’m Heather, another intern, and I take my hat off to the onions for growing so nicely despite the weeds we’re freeing them of this week. I’ve started writing up newsletters, but keep your eye on the signature as we do switch it up.

Heather Onions

Usually, one member of the team prepares lunch for the crew – working outside is a perfect excuse for good food. Sometimes one person will prepare something extra special the night before. Last

Sheppard's Pie

 Friday, preparations were half-done by one team member, then another got switched into lunch duty with two second instructions as to how to finish up the dish. We were all thrilled with the result SteveSoupthough! Have you ever had pak choi in shepherds’ pie? I think chard or kale would be equally delicious…  Here we used green lentils, ginger, garlic scapes, hot pepper flakes and onion for the bottom layer. In the middle was pak choi (kale should be good too), and on top was mashed potatoes flavoured with lemon thyme and nutmeg. Next time we’ll try grating some cheese in with the pak choi layer.  Today we had kale and chickpea soup based off this recipe:

http://www.canadianliving.com/food/kale_and_chickpea_soup.php . It was delicious too!


Speaking of food… we’d like to invite you to the farm for a pot-luck lunch on Sunday, July 24th from 11am till 2pm. Mark your calendars! A visit around the farm for those of you that missed it, followed by a feast. So bring along a favourite dish to share.  We challenge you to use the veggies from your basket as creatively as possible.



What’s in my Box?

Week No.4

  • Lettuce: These are a relatively cool weather crop, so enjoy the lettuce heads while they last.
  • Mesclun: We like salads with some chopped up apple and apple cider vinager based dressing. Rasins are lovely to throw in too.
  • Garlic Scapes: I haven’t caught anyone trying to eat these for breakfast, but maybe with some eggs. We love them in everything from sheppard’s pie to soup.
  • Choice herb: ”Choose one bunch” There will be different kinds of bunches in the bin, choose one.
  • Kale: Try throwing a leaf or two in your favourite smoothie mix, these are super high in vitamins K, A and C. Generally, the darker coloured greens are the most nutrient rich.
  • Peas: Picked just for you, the peas are here! Tuesday folks get them this week, Thursday baskets will have peas next week. They’re great for munching raw, or to add crunch to a sandwich.
  • Turnips: For those of you that didn’t get them last week. We like these raw, but they’re mighty fine cooked too.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Just made Kale Chips… washed and dried Kale, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and garlic powder. Bake and watch carefully. Oh Yummm!

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