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Falling Forward

Happy Thanksgiving! Another great weekend! With this kind of weather it looks like we’ll be eating fresh garden produce for another few weeks to come. Well, you can certainly count on us being open at least until the end of October. Along with the vegetables we also have raw, wild-flower honey and lots of beef in the freezer. Ground beef, ribs, steaks, roasts…

But we are, nevertheless, approaching the end of the season. Cover crops are in, and we begin the process of packing things up for the winter. And in the farming world, we’re also well into planning for next year!

It’s no secret I’ve been thinking hard about what comes next. 2016 will be my 10th season here at Riverglen, and thinking in terms of a decade makes one think a little more about the big picture.

Developing and evolving the small bicycle-powered business I set up at 25 has been an exhilarating journey, but it’s time to kick things into gear, so to speak.

What that’s going to look like is more beef production, increased vegetable yields, flexible CSA options, berry production, and a strong focus on farm-gate sales.

To accomplish these goals we need to rehabilitate the old barns, build a few kilometers of fencing, and set-up practical store space. It also involves re-invigorating hedgerows with shrubs and trees.

We’re putting in a good amount of elbow grease to take Riverglen to the next level, and we could sure use your help to get us over the hump! Please consider donating to our crowdfunding campaign and make sure this old farm can keep growing for another 100 years!

What’s up with the CSA?

Here we go for the last week of regular season CSA. And I think it’s been a good one! What terrific gardening weather we’ve had this summer. Spring was kind of slow, wet and cold, but once things got going the sun just kept up his post just about every day.

So the carrots, right? At least that’s what we’ve been hearing all summer. The carrots were great this year! We’re also pretty psyched about the tomatoes, the peppers, the red onions, lots of great kale, steady peas, beans… Yeah, good stuff. We did miss garlic though, boo, but we’ve already planted 2500 bulbs for next year. Yay!

What was your favourite crop? Got any suggestions of vegetables we should grow? Want to see more or less of something in next year’s CSA? Let us know!!

2016 CSA options will go on sale in the next few weeks, so be sure to stay tuned. There are always a a few minor adjustments, but we aim to offer our weekly boxes again, as well as putting emphasis on our evolving flexbox plan.

What else can we expect for 2016?

It’s a little quiet around here now that the cattle are all gone. But that doesn’t mean we’ve quit the beef game. We actually expect to double our beef production next year! Calves of Angus, Hereford and other British breeds will be purchased and put on pasture next spring, ready in the fall. We’ll have pre-paid beef packages available, as well as as the opportunity to buy various cuts directly from our freezer.

Expect two batches of chicken again next year. You’ll be able to place a deposit on your fresh birds later this winter, so be sure to stay tuned for more details.

100 new chicks will be arriving in the spring to replenish our laying flock. This time around, only people who donate to our crowd funding campaign will be able to purchase egg shares. Everyone else will have to hope for extras.

The number of bee-keepers on the farm is growing steadily, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that our little buzzy friends make it safely through the winter.

Hope you enjoyed your 2016 CSA experience. Be sure to drop by the store to peruse our fall selection, and please spread the word to your friends, neighbours and colleagues. Together we can help Riverglen grow into this exciting new chapter.

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  1. Zied says:

    Hi Jackie,I was wondering if you are still intreested in finding someone to split a share with you. If so, please contact me at and we can talk about splitting one between the two of us.Karen

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