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Fall Cleansing

Every week the garden gets smaller and the stacks in the barn get taller. Potatoes are out of the garden, winter squash are curing in the barn, the peppers have stopped producing… Even the lettuce growing outside has yielded its final salad. We are really shifting into fall now, in time with the bright colours in the trees that surround us. This year it seems the yellows have a deep, burnt tone to them which is really impressive. We’ve even had a few people popping in just to take pictures of the hedgerows!

In our kitchens, it’s time to think about cleansing our bodies and re-inforce them for the winter. Root crops, hardy greens, garlic, whole grains and herbal teas help us accomplish this important task. Paired with brisk walks and early rising to absorb as much sunlight as possible and you’re set! If you have any healthy fall tips you’d like to share, please send them in.

One very healthy and cleansing herb is parsley. It’s great for removing those pesky parasites that accumulate in our bodies (yes, even yours) over time. It’s most powerful eaten raw (smoothy, salad, snack) but it’s still great in meals. You can also chop it up and blend it with your pet food to help them rid themselves of mini critters trying to hitch a ride for the winter. We still have tones available at the farm, and you may have some leftover in your fridge. See what Esther did with hers in this week’s recipe.

PS Sorry for the lack of pictures; I can’t find my camera…

More sign-up information
Thanks to everyone who have already checked our new sign-up process with Farmigo. It’s a really easy point and click system which provides all the information you need to choose your box, make your payment and stay on top of your pickup schedule.

New Options

You’ll notice our regular weekly box is shortened to 17 weeks, to make sure we can provide a good solid box from start to finish. If you would like a longer season, we have a limited number of extended weekly boxes, which go for 21 weeks, available at our farm pickup.

And if you are out of town part of the summer, or if you just want to give this a try, you can now purchase your weekly box one month at a time.

Our new small box runs at the same time as our weekly box but contains a few less items.

What about discounts or special pricing?

Last year I decided to offer early-bird discounts for returning members. This year, anyone can get an early-bird discount! yay! Sign-up before November 1st and you’ll save 10%.

In the future, once everyone is on the new system, I might resume the loyalty program, but for now I’m trying to keep it simple. Let’s just focus on getting everyone on the new database and we can go from there.

Clicking this link will get you to our sign-up page. Feel free to click and browse around; you won’t be charged or committed to anything until you create your account and enter payment information at the end of the process

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