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Extended Season Vegetable Pickup Starts This Week!!

Extended Season Vegetable Pickup Starts This Week!!

If you registered for the extended vegetable season, grab your shopping basket and make your way to your pickup location for your very first week of spring veggies!

Regular Season Vegetable Pickup Starts Next Week!!

If you registered for the regular vegetable season, your pickup starts on either Tuesday, June 21st or Thursday, June 23rd.

If you can’t remember whether you registered for a regular or extended season, or if you can’t remember your pickup location, or whether you pickup on Tuesdays or Thursdays, just send us an email and we’ll get that confirmed for you.

How to Pickup your Vegetables:

-Bring a bag, box, basket or bin with you to take your veggies home
-Make your way to your pickup location between 4pm and 7pm
-Park in a manner that other vehicles can also park and drive past you
-Please leave your pets at home or in the car
-Please keep your children by your side – explore with them!
-At our Westboro location, follow the driveway to the backyard
-Check your name on the list under the appropriate date
-Follow pickup instructions – usually one portion from each bin
-Take your vegetables home and into the refrigerator, rinse and enjoy!!

Spring greens

We’re starting the season with a small offering of spring vegetables, including salad, green onions and radishes. Your weekly bounty will get bigger each week as more and more vegetables ripen in the garden!


All of our CSA options are now sold out! All the chickens have been reserved, the beef shares are all taken, and the vegetable shares are all booked up too. For those who didn’t get to register in time, please take the time to visit the farm store this summer – We will have a selection of vegetables available for purchase. There will be beef available by the cut starting end of September, and honey towards the end of August.

Registration for 2017 CSA options will start this fall, so make sure to read our newsletter, and/or check in to our website and Facebook page.

Thanks, and see you soon!

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