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Eco Farm Day and Internship Opportunities

Winter can be difficult sometimes, but every once in a while, when I peek out from under my tuque and take a minute to soak up my surroundings, I can truly appreciate the serenity in brings. Living out here is truly a gift.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to visit our website and read about our most recent vegetable, beef and chicken subscriptions. You can find more information and sign-up using Farmigo, our online sales system.

Our best marketing tool is word of mouth from happy customers. Please share our newsletter, website and/or Facebook page to your neighbours, friends and colleagues. Let them in on your secret source of farm fresh food! We’re getting ready for a big year to boost sales and make this farm a truly sustainable enterprise, in every sense of the word.

Farm Store
Pickup your veggies right from the farm! 

As you may know, we setup a produce display on the farm three days a week where you can buy our vegetables directly, just like at a farmers market. You can meet the farmers, see the garden, the animals, take a walk in the greenbelt trails and enjoy the good vibes. Since this enterprise has proven itself to be so rewarding for both ourselves and our customers, we’re putting an emphasis on developing its potential.

Look forward to seeing a re-decorated space this summer, more beautiful and more comfortable. We want your visit to the farm to be memorable in every way. If you have building materials, shelving, tablecloths, lighting, paint or other things you think we could use to beautify or space, please contact us. We might be able to use it!
If you like the idea of visiting the farm on a regular basis, you can choose to pickup your CSA vegetables and meat here. You can also shop our display and pay as you go, or prepay now in order to save a few bucks and help us get off to a great start this spring. Email info(at)riverglenfarm.ca for more information!  

Eco Farm Day
A great opportunity to learn 
Winter isn’t all just fun and games! As much as I love playing in the snow, there’s a whole lot of organizing and planning to be done. And learning! A great venue to do just that is Canadian Organic Grower’s EcoFarmDay. It’s happening this Saturday in Cornwall and I’ll be checking it out again this year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to chat with Eastern Ontario farmers, compare notes and learn a few tips to better prepare for the upcoming growing season.

Experienced, novice and aspiring farmers alike are sure to glean useful information during the workshops and find interesting leads on a variety of products, associations and services at the tradeshow. You can find more information and pre-register on their website.

Intership Positions Available
We’re hiring!

We’re looking for two able-bodied and sharp-minded people to take on internship positions this season. These are incredibly valuable experiences for people to get integrated into the farming world. In exchange for a room in our house or camper/trailer, lots of fresh food and a weekly stipend, you’ll get acquainted with all the intricacies of life and work on Riverglen Farm.
Formal education barely exists for farming, let alone alternative, sustainable farming methods so this is the next best thing to gain knowledge and experience. And besides, why would you want to accumulate debt by paying ridiculous amounts of money to corporate-owned schools while surviving on cafeteria food and Subway specials when you could live on a riverfront farm in Ottawa’s greenbelt eating like a king or queen?!? No lie, it is hard work, but there’s no better way to learn about farming.

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