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Easter… according to Simon

 A new bovine has been introduced to the farm. Simon, a Simmental bull, met our three Highland cows two weeks ago. The initial meeting was somewhat difficult. There was a brief standoff, a whole lot of running around and Nasturtium even to a plunge and leaped right over the fence! There’s something about seeing a 1400 lb animal leap… But after much head bobbing and hopping about the heard finally settled. Hay was fed, the fence was fixed, all is well. I expect Simon, who is still just a yearling, will start to grow significantly once the pastures turn green. If he gets along with his new girlfriends, we might see calves as early as next summer.

Simon face

April 1st has come and gone. However, there are 10 harvest-shares left! If you’re interested, don’t delay sending your registration form with full payment. Harvest-shares will only be reserved once payment has been receive. Instead of counting on Canada Post to get your registration in early enough, you can always send an Interact email transfer.

For those who have already purchased their 2010 harvest-share, you’ll be happy to know seeds are germinating well in the farmhouse solarium. A few hundred leeks, onions, tomatoes and peppers have begun their assent towards the heavens. Luckily, warm weather has made heating the solarium a fairly simple task. This year’s abnormal warmth and dryness as also contributed to record-breaking, early field cultivation. The garden was ready for tillage a full two weeks ahead of last year! And seeding followed right behind… My fingers are crossed for an early start to harvesting!

solarium start

simon face-off

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