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Lana and MickyI don’t know if I can write warm and fuzzy newsletters as well as Heather does, so here are a few pictures of warm and fuzzy animals instead. We were finally able to finish paying for Lana who has been waiting all summer to come over with her adopted calf, Micky. She is experienced and good natured, and has been extremely patient as we learn to handle a cow and calf pair.

Our new Katahdin ram, Coleman, came with a special chest harness equipped with a block of coloured wax. This lets us know which of our ewes was bred while our backs were turned, making it easier to predict lambing time. Apparently Coleman is a very charming fellow, if we can judge by Brownie’s backside… Don’t you wish this kind of gadget was available for teenagers? Or maybe not… This variety of sheep, called a hair sheep, doesn’t grow a fleece and therefore does not require annual sheering or docking, a common practice which involves removing the lower portion of a sheep’s tail. We are hoping to have lamb available next fall…

Coleman's First Day
Coleman’s First Day

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Alex et l'étable
Working hard, making some serious improvements to the barn. 

Pickup Changes

November leeks
November leeks

We have recently decided to cancel an additional pickup. We will no longer be taking weekly produce to Chipworks. Luckily, most members already contacted are happy to pickup at the farm, which is close by.

Pickup options are now: Riverglen Farm, Britannia, Wellington, Centertown.

We’ve been getting good feedback from members who opted for the fall extension. This panned out as a store credit. Many enjoy visiting the farm, choosing their vegetables, eggs, and ”putting it on the tab”.

We will be updating our registration form shortly so it includes an option to pre-pay market or farm store produce at a discount. More details to follow…

On a side note… I’m looking for some help to make a few improvements to our website. We need a banner, and I would like to add a photo gallery section. Any ideas?

– David

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