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Weekly Eggs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEgg shares are in very high demand and very short supply. We are opening new egg shares for the first time in years in order to promote our crowdfunding campaign. Follow the link for details.

Our hens are fed certified organic ration from Homestead Organics. They are allowed outside on a daily basis in the summer to forage on pasture. Inside, they are provided with perches, laying boxes and clean bedding. Our birds are not de-beaked or fed antibiotics like their industrial counterparts. These heritage hens concentrate the vitamins and minerals collected around the farm yards into large, delicious eggs with remarkably intense yellow yolks and thick whites.

Eggs are available picked up at the farm only. They are available only in limited quantities and do not provide much of a financial return. We keep hens on the farm to provide for our own food, to make compost from their manure and to control pests and weeds around the barns.



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