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Grassfed Beef


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrass fed beef is both healthy and delicious. A diet of fresh pasture packs the meat with more vitamins and minerals than conventional grain-fed beef, as well as providing it with a healthier fat profile, rich in Omega 3. Not to mention the cattle are so much happier than their counterparts living in soiled feed-lots, shoveling down a “high energy diet” made of GMO corn, food processing wastes, antibiotics and growth hormones – cheap, bland calories.

Our heard moves daily over pastures, just like wild ruminants do. They are always on fresh, clean pasture with access to shade, water, and a large diversity of grasses, legumes, herbs, trees, etc. Cattle literally eat dozens of different plants every single day. The plant compounds consumed accumulate in their bodies, helping to keep them healthy and happy. These plant compounds are also responsible for making this meat stand out as particularly flavorful and nutritionally dense.

Until we can maintain our own breeding herd, we purchase yearlings in the spring and graze them out on our pastures for about 6 months before processing them in the fall. We do sell individual cuts and ground beef directly from our farmstore from September to December, but most of our beef is pre-sold in mixed packages:

2016 Grassfed Beef Packages are Sold Out

Pre-paying your bulk, beef package gets you a better deal and ensures we have the operational funds to purchase yearlings and take care of all the processing. Your beef will be ready September 22nd/23rd and will be delivered to your home in Ottawa. It will be frozen, cut and wrapped. You can expect about half ground beef (in 1lb packages) and half mixed cuts (steaks, roasts). Soup bones and organs are also available if requested. We will take custom cutting instructions for orders 160lbs – 320lbs.

steers in pasture

Send an email to info@riverglenfarm.ca

20lbs mixed packages: $220 including delivery

40lbs mixed packages: $400 including delivery

80lbs mixed packages: $700 including delivery

*Please Note

Our 40lbs mixed package needs about 2 cu. feet of freezer space, which is about half of a regular fridge-top freezer. A large chest freezer can easily accommodate 200-250lbs of beef.

We accept cash, check, and etransfers.

Please note there will be no refunds awarded after April 1st. At this point, funds are invested into the growing season.