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CSA Pickup No.7

Thanks for taking the time to acquaint yourself with your local photocaloric transformer station. err…. farm. Yes, well, we’re all going a little bonkers with all the hot air blowing in from the fields and from parliament hill these days. The plants have quit growing, the birds have quit laying, and now one of our interns has quit working. ”I’d rather go paddling,” she says. Well, fair enough I suppose.

But not to worry, you’ll still get your vegetables. Responsibilities have been re-organized, vacations have been cancelled, and overtime has been booked. We’ll keep that garden growing even if we have to cart water in buckets. After all, it’s not cellphones we’re making, it’s food! And I’m the kind of guy who likes a good hearty snack in between loads of firewood come January.

It is August, and reaping season is upon us. Time to stock the larders!

It’s also time to clean up the crops. If you want to help, you are invited to help us with some hand weeding on Saturday. We could really use the help! Bring your gloves, hats and water bottles to the farm this Saturday between 1pm and 4pm and help us maintain our crops in the bets condition possible.

Oh, and just for the record: Yes, it is still a drought. The worst in over a hundred years actually. Did those showers help? Nope. Is the farm suffering as a result? You bet. Will rain help? Yes and no: The dead is dead and there is no changing that, but three days of constant rain might keep too many more things from dying.

I haven’t been motivated to take pictures of a dry, yellow garden and everyone else here seems to like taking pictures of cows and dogs only, so if you have any cool pictures of the farm please send them in!

CSA Pickup No.7
This weeks vegetables include…

Broccoli or cabbage: Tuesday gets a choice of broccoli or cabbage this week, and Thursday gets a choice of broccoli or cabbage next week. This is a very expensive and time consuming crop to grow, so we only do it as a seasonal treat to our CSA customers.

Head lettuce: Just a small head of lettuce for everyone this week. We couldn’t keep the cut lettuce mix going in this heat and the head lettuce is either yellow or chopped to bits by the geese…

Turnip: Check out recipe for pickled turnips below. This quick recipe doesn’t require any kind of canning process and your jars will keep in the fridge for several weeks. Now you can have your verry own pink, pickled turnips; just like the shawarma place!

Cucumber: Just about the only cucumbers coming out of the field are the picking variety. These little cukes are just as tasty fresh as they are pickled. Everyone gets a half kilo. If you want more for preserving they’re available at the farm.


Summer squash: Zucchinis are probably the most productive crop out there right now. Even with limitted water they seem to keep their chins up.

Cabbage: Tuesday got cabbage last week, and Thursday gets cabbage this week.Chop or shred this delicate summer cabbage. You’ll be surprized by the mild taste.

Tomato: trickle, trickle, trickle. Tomaaato plants are thiiiiiirsty… huuungry… neeeeedy… But we love ’em 😉

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