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CSA Pickup No.4

On the forecast this week is… more heat! At this point I’m surprised the lawn hasn’t completely vaporized into a cloud of dust. At least we don’t have to worry about mowing…

I can only be grateful we farm on clay soil, which holds a large amount of water compared to sandy soil. Although we can’t water the entire garden all at once, the various sections can hold enough water for the thirsty vegetables until their next turn. It’s clear our irrigation system is at maximum capacity.

hot lettuce

We are also lucky to have so much pasture available for our small herd of cattle. Some of our colleagues have moved their cows through the pastures so quickly they’ve completely run out of grass. It’s mid July and they’re already feeding hay!

So we can be especially happy that our happy is making its way into (and staying in) the barn. A group of friends helped us put the last few bales into the loft around 9PM last night. This is only the beginning, however. We still have a couple thousand more to put up into the neighbour’s barn.

So the crops are coming in, the CSA orders are well stocked… Time to make some money! Weekly boxes account for just over half our vegetable sales and we rely on farmers market and store sales to make up the rest. Please spread the word about our farm store, open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: We have an impressive display for this time of year.
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We would also like to see more traffic at the Preston Street farmers market. Situated in the middle of an urban food desert, this small, farmer-run market has a nice variety of goods for sale. Check us out every Saturday:
9AM to 2PM

CSA Pickup No.4
Remember to check your name on the list and bring a bag or other suitable container

I’m pretty happy with the weekly bounties this year, and the whole crew is super excited to send all those vegetable your way each week. We’ll be sending you a survey at the end of the season, so make sure to keep track of your favourites. We also welcome feedback at any point in the season. Your input concerning portion size, ripeness, varieties, etc. helps us deliver the product that you want to see in your fridge.

This weeks vegetables include…

Basil: You know it’s summer when… Try it chopped up and mixed with Boccinni cheese, cherry tomatoes and a little salt. Sublime.

Paris Island lettuce: Large, sturdy heads of romaine lettuce

Summer Onion: Step 2 in the onion cultivation world. A little bigger than a spring/bunching onion, without the skin of a storage onion.

Cilantro: Coriander, cilantro… all the same. This pungent herb adds character to many dishes

Garlic Scapes: I hope you’re not getting tired of these. I’m enjoying their garlic flavour in just about everything until the bulbs are ready. mike and leah squashEt pour ceux qui on le gout de l’aventure

Yay for the first carrots of the season. I’ll bet you nobody needs recipe suggestions for these… 😉

Summer squash: The heat is ripening our squash nicely. Over the next few weeks, Squash man Mike will be taking you on a tour of this amazingly varied vegetable. Meanwhile, you have fun slicing, shredding, stuffing and mashing this amazingly versatile, savoury fruit.

Beets: Our beet of the week is Chioggia. An Italian heirloom, this colourful beet is eye catching in salads and won’t stain when used in other meals.

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    More on food deserts at http://www.fooddeserts.org

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