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CSA is just about wrapping up

For biweekly members picking up this week: Happy last pickup!

For weekly members and other biweekly members, your last pickup is next week.

To make it easier for us to supply a good solid basket each week, our main CSA season is shorter next year. A limited number of extended season boxes will also be available for those who want to stay with the longer season.

Please note that our farm store is still open. You are most welcome to continue your weekly visits to the farm and browse our vegetable display featuring over 20 different veggies!

Fall at our Wellington Pickup

In the next couple weeks you will receive a survey where you can send your input about our vegetables and service. Your feedback helps us shape our service to better suit your needs. Especially important this year: We will ask you where you would prefer picking up vegetables in town next year. Since we may loose our Centertown location, we are exploring sites in the Glebe, Vanier and New Edinburgh. If you would like to offer your home or workplace as a pickup location in (or around) Centertown, please do send a message ASAP.

CSA Pickup No.19
This weeks vegetables include…  

Pumpkin: Eat it or decorate it. Either way their loads of fun.

Garlic: More garlic to keep you healthy this fall.

The noble leek makes an appearance. This delicious fall onion takes 7 months to grow. From seeding into trays, to planting tiny little filaments into the garden, to cultivating and weeding between those tiny little growing stalks, to cover from the cold… Here they are! Take full advantage of these handsome onions by cooking them as slowly as they grow. Cut into large, coarse pieces and simmer ever so lightly with lots of butter for a long time. Add to your potato soup and feel your mouth melt. Another popular way to enjoy

We’ve really enjoyed our Centertown location for the past three years – Thank you!

them is to slice in half and roast in an oven tray. Awesome!

Parsnip: Parsnip has a delicious, earthy flavour that blends amazingly with fall dishes.

Carrots: Big, delicious, heirloom carrots for all!

Onions: How do you like receiving carrots, onions and garlic each week? Are you enjoying a the steady supply of these familiar root crops?

Potatoes: The crop that got hit the worst by far by our summer drought. Since we had such a limitted supply, we thought we’d give them out along with leeks, which many people enjoy together.

Kale: This week Thursday gets kale, since Tuesday got it last week.

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