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Chilly Veggies = yum!

It’s chilly out there, but it’s not too chilly for picking veggies yet! Lots of great stuff in the garden still, getting sweeter by the day. Plants shift their energy from growth to sugar production. On top of what we have in storage, we’re sure to have a full display well into November.

Lettuces were planted under the tomato plants in the hoop house a few weeks ago. The tomato plants were then removed and row cover was used to create a second layer of insulation from the elements. We’re crossing our fingers they’ll be ready for the last week of CSA.

Speaking of which, the last week of CSA is coming up. Week No. 20 is Tuesday 30th and Thursday 1st. That means weekly boxes have two more pickups to go after this one, and biweekly boxes have one more pickup to go after this one.

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Flex Box
Another way to participate in Community Supported Agriculture at Riverglen Farm is the Flex Box. This was a new feature for 2012 and has received excellent feedback from the first few members who have tried it.

The Flex Box is our most flexible program. It allows you to visit the farm anytime we are open and purchase any item we have on display. All you need to do is leave us your contact information along with a cheque for any amount(minimum $250) you wish. We’ll give you a 5% bonus for paying in advance and your ”Riverglen veggy budget” is already set aside for next year. Your balance will be updated whenever you’re in the store.

You can use your Flex Box credit for anything we have in store, including honey and chicken. You will also be awarded any special pricing offered to other CSA members. Check out the website for more details and visit the store to get an idea of what we have available.

CSA Pickup No.18
This weeks vegetables include…  

Butternut squash: There are a bizilion butternut squash recipes available online. If you’re new to butternut squash, that’s a good place to start.

Garlic: Have you tried roasting your garlic? Place unpealed cloves (or entire bulbs) in an oven dish with other vegetables. Roast, serve and enjoying scooping out the mushy, warm, delicious flesh inside.

Green, crisp, tall, juicy, minimal stringyness. It really worked out this year. Enjoy!

Parsnip: Perhaps a new root crop for some, cook this like any other root crop. Roasts and stews fine. Popular steamed and mashed with or without potatoes. Pairs well with sweet flavours, such as maple syrup.

Carrots: Big chubby orange carrots. Rainbow Foods cancelled their weekly order for our carrots this week, because they ”take longer to cut” than regular carrots, and they ”don’t fit in a blender/juicer as well” as regular carrots. I hope you can manage… LOL

Onions: If you’re getting too many of these, just put them in a cool dark place and they will keep just fine. Or roast them in the oven with other vegetables and dig right into them!

Turnip greens: Very tender, juicy greens that cook just like spinach, kale, chard, radish tops, etc.

Kale: This week Tuesday gets kale. Next week Thursday gets kale.

Cabbage:  Big heads of winter cabbage. These dense, crisp heads provide alot of food. My favourite thing to do with cabbage is soup. Start with a chicken broth and add a few basic ingredients like garlic and small pieces of carrots. Add lots of chopped cabbage and let simmer briefly. Yum! Try adding tumeric

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