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Spring Brings New Life

Hey folks,
Just a quick update to let you know things are brewing at Riverglen Farm. The NCC received several applications and are currently negotiating with a very interesting group of keen farmer-folk. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Madelaine and Mathieu from Backyard Edibles will be taking over production in Riverglen’s gardens this season. This duo has been SPIN farming on a variety of properties in the Britannia area over the past few years, and maintain a year-round production of microgreens.
Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page to keep up with their adventure and find out more about what they’ll have to offer.
Farms are perpetual movement. There is no such thing as a moment when nothing is happening. Crops, livestock, weather, staff, customers, wildlife, buildings. It is all continually changing. Even farmers themselves come and go. People move, die, change, discover…

But the farm is still there; it goes on through generations and centuries. A farm is a place, an ecosystem, a living being. There are only so many left of them on the planet and in our community, so take care of them. We need farms and farmers. It’s all too easy to turn ”empty fields of hay” into houses and strip malls. But once the trees and topsoil are scraped away and the concrete is pored, it’s very hard to go back.

So those of you who have invested in this farm, grown to cherish it, and depend on it for sustenance, be re-assured by the fact it goes on. It’s still your farm.


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Farewell Riverglen

Hello all,

I have important news to share with you. After careful consideration, I have decided to leave Riverglen Farm.

Why? A simple (ok, it was a bit complicated and really challenging) cost/benefit analysis consistently showed that the benefits of working and living at Riverglen were simply outweighed by the costs.

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this chapter in my life. It’s incredible to look back and think of all the people, plants and animals who have come through the farm since I started my humble, bike-powered garden here in 2007. Some came for a quick visit, or made it their home for a while, and some even spent their entire lives here. And yet everyone, big or small, leaves their indelible impression on the land and the faces that inhabit it.

I have notified the NCC that I will be vacating their property by the end of April. They are already planning their marketing campaign and hope to have the farm rented to new tenants for this growing season.

I won’t be taking my equipment with me, so basically everything I have here needs to be sold. It may go piece by piece, but this could also be an interesting ”turn-key” opportunity for a group of keeners who want to buy Riverglen Farm’s assets, customers, distribution system, etc. and farm within city limits. Don’t hesitate to pass the word along and contact me for more information. Just because it is no longer working out for me doesn’t mean it couldn’t work out for someone else. In fact, in the hands of the right individuals, with some kind of capacity for investment, a little creativity and a lot of elbow grease, this farm could really thrive and generate a livable income for a small community or family!

As for myself, I am currently applying for positions offered by other sustainable farming enterprises and looking forward to working within a team of keen, competent individuals in a more nurturing, supportive and motivating setting. There are lots of wicked farm businesses popping up and gathering momentum these days, and it’s a great time for an experienced farmer/gardener like me to land a sweet gig and make a decent living.

The truth of the matter is, for the sake of preserving my own sanity and continuing my own personal development, I need to surround myself with less city-folk and more sustainable farmer-folk.

North-Americans represent only 20% of the world’s population and yet manage to consume 80% of its resources. It is painfully clear that the lifestyle of the average, middle-class Canadian is not even remotely close to sustainable, and that our luxurious existence is made possible by exploiting people at home and all around the world, decimating natural resources, and maintaining a constant surplus of just about everything and anything we might ”need”, whether or not it ever gets used or just ends up – like more than half of the food produced for Canadian consumption – as waste.

Riverglen has been an incredible part of my journey. I have learned so much during my time here. Livestock, gardens, predators, wildlife, sales, accounting, construction, problem solving, machine operation, human resources, contingency planning, efficient living, cooking, preserving, making firewood, fixing tools, web design, dealing with dead things, blogging, photography, composting… I love working with my hands. I love planning and making, screwing-up and trying again. Learning. Always learning.

Always, always learning.

I got to be here because of all of you, and you have my sincere gratitude for that. I will never forget the trust and support you have given me over the years, and I hope now you trust me enough to understand that I need to make this move. My soul needs healing, and I need to start earning more than I spend.

Keep growing,


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Vegetable Season Ends – Egg Season Peaks


Riverglen Farm News
Farmstore CLOSED for the season

Eggs and carrots available for purchase self-serve
Monday to Friday: 3pm-7pm and Saturday: 9am-4pm
Well it looks as though we are reaching the end of vegetable supplies. Combined with the fact that we’re focusing on other projects and a new part time job, it’s time to close down the farmstore for the season. Thanks again for making us part of your routine over these past few months; we hope you enjoyed your fresh, local vegetables!

We’re not totally tapped dry yet though, so if you do want a few more things please email your order (minimum $20) to info@riverglenfarm.ca. I will pack it in a bin and leave it for you to pickup up from the farm at your convenience, ideally during the hours stated above. We have:

-Carrots: $5/bunch or $60/bushel (~20kg)
-Beets: $4/kg or $50/bushel (~20kg)
-Parsnip, Rutabaga: $4/kg
-Turnip: $3/kg
-Celery: $4/ea
-Savoy cabbage: $3/kg
-Collard greens, curly kale: $4/bunch
-Parsley: $3/bunch

We also have loads of eggs! The hens are full size, healthy, roaming around EVERYWHERE and laying like crazy. Eggs are $7 per dozen and they’ll be on our self-serve table throughout the winter.

Drop in Monday to Friday: 3-7pm or Saturday: 9am-4pm to purchase as many as you need. Please record your purchase on the supplied sheet and make sure not to take any eggs from the prepaid pile. Thanks!

There will be lights on inside, but please watch your step in the dark.

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A few reminders

Just a few, quick reminders today:

CSA members, we have reached the end of the page, not the end of the season. There are still a few more pickups yet!

There are still tickets available for our 10th anniversary dinner on September 24th at $30 each.

We are also still taking orders for bulk beef to be delivered on September 22nd/23rd. We are offering 20, 40 and 80 pound packages.

And while I’m at it I might as well remind you that we’re aiming our fall chickens for October 27th and 29th.

Heading back out to harvest now! See you at the store, or send an email for more information. More pictures, updates and adventures soon. Enjoy the sunshine!

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10th Anniversary Celebrations!

Hey folks,

I’ll take a break from writing about the weather (more about the drought in the vegetable update) to share some exciting news with you. This is my 10th anniversary at Riverglen Farm! It’s hard to believe I’ve been growing vegetables and operating a CSA here since 2007.
Veggie display – THEN
Veggie display – NOW
It’s pretty amazing to think of all the people who have been a part of this project at one point or another, and I am incredibly thankful for all of your support. There have been good times, hard times, and now it’s party time!

So make sure to drop in on Saturday, September 24th to get in on the celebrations. The whole team will be here to hang out, and we’ll be doing tours of the farm throughout the day. We also have a few surprises for our store customers 😉

Garden and irrigation – THEN

For those who purchase a ticket we are preparing a harvest feast, starting at 5pm. We’ll setup outside and have a big country meal together. More details on the menu to come, but expect dishes highlighting our fresh vegetables, as well as our beef and chicken.

Festivities kick into high gear as the sun sets – The music gets a little louder, the bonfire lights and the beer cans crack open. Everyone is welcome to join our party!

Hope to see you there 😉

Garden and irrigation – NOW
Riverglen Farm 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday, September 24th

Store opens @ 9 am, Info tours throughout the day
VIP Dinner @ 5pm
Party open to the public @ 7:30pm
Veggie Update

And now what you’ve all been waiting for – a few words dedicated to how we’re all super stressed about the drought! 😉 It just keeps going and going, and even those of us blessed with an awesome well are having trouble keeping up. The water is on all day, every day, rotating from one section to another every two hours. It’s a constant preoccupation.

Although most crops are doing well, we are seeing very poor yields of greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and the melons plants are looking pretty slim. We just can’t pump enough water to keep up with the wicking action of the surrounding soil. It’s too bad to be short on such popular crops, but the strength of our system is that while some crops suffer, some do great!

This year it’s the beans. They’re pumping out like they’re going for a gold medal! This week the green beans pass the baton over to the yellow beans for an even more tender, juicy, bean crunching experience.

We’re also quite happy with our broccoli, root crops, herbs, hardy greens, and squashes which are all doing quite well. Keep your fingers crossed for the cauliflower and celery which should be ready over the next couple weeks, as well as fun, colourful varieties of beets and carrots.

We can’t water everything, and have been re-discovering the amazing properties of mulch! Here Gregor is working on the newly planted raspberries.
Meat Update

Here are a few important dates for beef and chicken pre-orders:

August 11th and 13th: Summer chicken pickup
September 22nd or 23rd: Beef Delivery
October 27th (tentative): Fall chicken pickup

Our summer chickens are ready for pickup this week so check your inbox for more information. I can’t wait to taste these fancy, new, Nova Freerangers!

Since we are doing 10 head of beef this year, we’ve had to look at upgrading our distribution system. We are simply not equipped (yet) to handle nearly 3000 lbs of frozen beef on site. The best option seems to be renting a freezer truck to pickup the beef from the butcher and deliver it directly to your door. This will allow plenty of time and space to organize the meat and get it safely to your freezer. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

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