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Internship Positions Available

Positions available: Fulltime Fullseason Internship-2

Duration: Mid April – Mid November (can be extended if desired)

Riverglen Farm is an organic/biodynamic farm located in Ottawa’s Greenbelt, just 20 minutes drive or 1 hour bike from downtown. This 112 acre heritage site is located in the west end of the city, surrounded by Greenbelt forest and wetlands, on the banks of the Ottawa river. We pack about 100 vegetable shares a week for our CSA, and also sell vegetables directly from our farm store. Chicken, beef and eggs are sold from the farm store when available. We keep geese to help with grass cutting and tend to a young, small orchard, which is not yet in production.

Position description:

We are seeking 2 solid persons with clear minds to help with farm tasks this summer. Vegetable production, harvest and processing will make up the core of the workload. We use a walk-behind Grillo tractor and hand tools in the garden, so the work is quite physical. There are also daily animal chores to share, as well as general upkeep and maintenance tasks to carry out. Examples include fencing, mucking out animal enclosures, mowing, cleaning up storage and work areas, gathering firewood, applying biodynamic preparations, etc.

The typical workweek is Monday to Friday, in addition to Saturday farm store duties on a rotational schedule. We typically start work at 8am or 7am, depending on the time of year. Everyone is expected to take a turn preparing lunch for the rest of team, which is our biggest meal of the day. To avoid working in the heat, we often break from noon to 2pm. Depending on the season, weather and workload, we typically finish field work around 6 or 7pm. Some tasks may exceed normal work hours such as animal chores and garden irrigation duties.


In exchange for a commitment to a full season, a dedicated work attitude and an eagerness to learn, a weekly stipend of $100/week is offered on top of room, farm produce and basic groceries. You are responsible for your own snacks, treats and specialty food items. It is very important to the farm’s operation that interns complete their season, so please take this commitment seriously. In return, we will take the time to train you on various tasks and tools as they evolve through the seasons, provide access to a library of books, take you on monthly visits to neighbouring farms and spend time explaining how we plan and manage our operation. To show our appreciation and to help you on the next step of your journey you will be awarded a $400 bonus when you complete your season at the prearranged time.


Ideally, full season interns live at the farm. You will have your own private bedroom, as well as access to wireless internet and our laundry machine. We will be sharing the house kitchen, but you are encouraged to use the summer kitchen outside during the warm parts of the year. This implies a willingness to participate in house cleaning chores.

How to apply:

Write a few paragraphs about the reasons why you want to join the farm crew and what you feel you have bring to it. Send it along with any questions to: info(at)riverglenfarm.ca

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Mid Winter NonBlues

It may be cold outside, but my chest feels warm. No doubt because this winter is turning out to be a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with parts of myself which had been temporarily obscured by a dusty covering of an unknown silty substance, surprisingly easy to blow away once discovered.

Sometimes, one only needs to look up and breath a deep sigh of relief to realize that’s all it takes to feel that much better.

It is important to take advantage of the crystallizing forces of winter to reflect, re-assess and plan for the warmer months. It is a time for dreaming.

Upon entering this 8th year of farming at Riverglen, I feel more prepared than ever to keep offering you and your loved ones top quality produce using sustainable, organic, biodynamic methods.

Register now for our 2014 CSA!

Why Choose Biodynamics
Because it’s made with love!

Explaining biodynamics to someone for the first time can sometimes be a daunting task. Perhaps the most difficult part of this task is assessing whether the person asking a question is actually interested in the answer, whether they have any prior knowledge pertaining to food, health, living things, and farming, and also how sensitive they are to their inner workings, both physical and spiritual. Sometimes just saying the word ”spiritual” makes people squeamish…

Our website has a page describing the basic, practical and tangible ideas behind a biodynamic farm which should be fairly accessible to most people, but it may also leave you with more questions. Please feel free to send them in! One new customer recently asked about a particularly strong sentence and I felt it was worth sharing our exchange with you.

He asked:
Your website states that industrial food consumers are lacking compassion.

“Not only do consumers of industrial food find themselves lacking important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but they become overly stressed and lacking compassion and sensitivity.”
I’m not a fan of industrial food, but it seems a bit of a stretch to say people become less compassionate when eating industrial food.

The question is fair, so I took the time to reply:

I believe, personally, that eating food which was created in an atmosphere of greed, rush, cutting corners and antipathy does not provide us with the materials necessary to our mental well-being anymore than our physical well-being. I also know for a fact, directly from the mouth of many friends, customers and acquaintances, over and over again, that consumers of industrial food choose to ignore or dismiss (for a variety of reasons) the pain and suffering experienced by the animals, workers and land which make up our conventional food systems. Many of them feel guilt and remorse while eating meals (a terrible thing to feel while nourishing one-self) and others have become totally desensitized to the idea that what is on their plate may have been tortured or abused, traded unfairly, destroyed entire ecosystems, etc. These feelings, experienced three times a day, are not a good basis to furthering the development of positive, enlightened, supportive and sustainable communities at any scale, whether they be families or countries.

Why choose biodynamics? Because you want to eat love and compassion. Because you want to be part of the solution. Because it tastes great! Because it feeds your body as well as your soul! Because it makes you feel proud and happy with every bite!

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The Society For Biodynamic Farming And Gardening in Ontario cordially invites you to the Society’s 4th Annual Wine and Cheese Social

Saturday, February 1st, 2014 5pm – 8pm at the Best Western Brock Hotel in the Pine Tree “A” Room 716 Gordon Street (corner of Stone Rd E. and Gordon St.), Guelph, Ontario. Join us in celebration of biodynamics and good friends. Tickets are $20.00 for members and $25.00 for non-members. Admission includes samplings from 2 biodynamic wineries, a cidery and a smorgasbord of biodynamic and organic nibbles.
Tickets are available at the door, the Society booth at the Guelph Organics Conference, or in advance by sending cheques payable to The Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario to: The BD Society, 14 Simcoe Blvd, Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 3L5. For further information contact Laurie McGregor, Treasurer, at 519-426-9021 or e-mail at lmcgregor@sympatico.ca. We are sorry, but we can no longer hold unpaid tickets at the door.


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