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Canada World Youth Seeks Hosts!!

We are presently seeking a host family for one pair of young people (aged 19-24) —  one young person from Canada and one young person from Kenya.

The team arrives very soon: September 12th and stays until December 8th. The Youth Volunteers have local placements three days a week, and meet as as team on Wednesdays & Fridays to explore the community & the millennium development goals. Evenings and weekends they have the option for many activities and events and to join in what their host family is doing.

For more information, please check out our local website at http://sites.google.com/site/cwykenvo/ Especially the HOSTING section of the Program FAQ.

The Youth Volunteers three-month stay in the community will be the first stage of a CWY Youth Leaders In Action Exchange Program. The second half of the program will take place in Kenya.  Integration into the community and volunteer work with local agencies and organizations are key goals of the program. It affords participants an opportunity to learn about the region as well as the local lifestyle and culture.

Canada World Youth seeks hosts with a diversity of experiences. We are looking for an openness and enthusiasm to share your home life with two young people, and likewise, to allow your life to be enriched by these new relationships. We invite all types of households-retirees, single parents, same sex partners etc.-to host. One spare room is all that is required. Host families receive an allowance of $12 per participant per day ($672 / month) to help differ costs.

Please contact us: (613) 883-0792 / cwy.kenvo@gmail.com
Anne-marie Henry &
Rahab Njeri Mwaniki

Project Supervisors
Ottawa / Kenya Youth Exchange
Canada World Youth

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