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Biodynamic Education in Ottawa

Rosemary Tayler will be teaching Introduction to Biodynamics at Riverglen Farm outside of Ottawa. Running one Sunday a month from April until November, this active learning program focuses on biodynamic principles with practical hands-on experience and innovative projects. David Burnford from Riverglen Farm and Hammo Hammond, both experienced biodynamic farmers, will also be attending these sessions.

For more information or to register, visit http://earthhaven.ca/intro-to-biodynamics-in-ottawa-ontario.php

Who is Teaching? Rosemary Tayler has a background in Education (BSc) in both pure science (MSc) and alternative medicine, in particular, homeopathy. For the past six years, she has studied and applied biodynamic and homeopathic learning to farming and gardening. Under the guidance and mentorship of several biodynamic teachers and the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario, Rosemary compiled and taught this course in 2013 together with Kathryn of Earth Haven Farm near Tweed.

Course Fee: $495 (no refunds after first class)
Textbooks: $40.00 + course fee. Purchase on your own or borrow.
Housekeeping: Bring your own lunch, plate, cup and cutlery.
Course Mentor: Hamo Hammond and David Burnford
Teacher: Rosemary Tayler
Registration & Car pools:
Contact Rosemary Tayler, Ottawa, 613-237-4777

Course Curriculum
April 27 – A Look at the Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)
May 11 – Exploring the Character of Your Farm or Garden
June 8 – The Big Picture: The Cosmos and Life Forces
June 29 – Soil Science
July 27 – Timing is Everything
August 17 – The Four Elements
September 14 – The Value of Compost
October 5 – BD Preparations
October 26 – Food Vitality – Putting It All Together
November 23 – Ourselves and Each Other

Prerequisite: Students must have previous farming or gardening experience.

Course Textbooks: Agriculture, by Rudolf Steiner.
Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting Calendar 2014

Riverglen Farm Is a working biodynamic farm is located in the west Ottawa green belt between Bells Corners and Kanata, at 230 Davidson’s Side Road, Ottawa.

Directions: Coming from the Queensway, exit onto Moodie
Drive and proceed north to Carling Ave. Turn left (west) onto
Carling, then proceed 2-3 kilometers and turn right (north)
onto Davidson’s Side Road.

For further information contact:
Rosemary Tayler at 613-237-4777
David Burnford at info@riverglenfarm.ca / 613-721-7063
www.biodynamics.on.ca and www.riverglenfarm.ca

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