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Bikes, hay ‘n hoedowns

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Every week just seems to get better and better. There’s still a tone of work to do, but somehow it seems easier… more natural. Our bodies have picked up the rythm of summer and go with it. Harvest still consumes our days, but this week, there’s a twist.

Otesha cycling activists have arrived on the farm. They are preparing for a month-long cycling tour across southern Ontario. At various stops along the route they will be performing a play which aims to communicate a feeling of optimism, activism and responsibility. A wonderful, positive energy pours out of the group, which breathes new life into our daily activities. Their company here at the farm is very much enjoyed!

Since the group is so much fun, our own team of keeners decided to team up and make our Farm Hoedown that much cooler. Genevieve has booked musicians hailing from way out younder to lead our Riverglen Farm Hoedown! This is a special event for members of Intentional Eaters and Otesha.

That’s right, gear yourself up for some hearty laughs and some good ol’ Contra Dancing! Don’t know the moves? Not sure what to do? That’s ok, neither do I! That’s why we brought in a couple pros to lead the way this Friday. After a little limbering up, I’m sure we’ll all get to whoopin’, haulerin’ and jumpin’ in no time at all. It’s really all about having a good laugh and letting go for a couple hours.

So that’s about it for this week. We’re starting on the hay (finally) this week, so I’ll be spending a few long days out in the sun no doubt, but it’s good to know it’s actually going happen. With four extra stomachs to feed this winter (Camino the Bull) I want to make sure I have a good supply of hay up in my loft.

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