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Big News

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

Registration for our 2014 CSA is now open!

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to secure your source of vegetables for next year. We’re looking forward to another great year of weekly boxes and we’re counting on your support to make it happen! So click on the link and reserve your spot. Those who pay their subscription in full before Christmas get a free kilo of garlic!

Please note

  • Pickup at the farm is now available on both Tuesday or Thursday. You choose!
  • Our Wellington pickup has moved, and has been renamed Wellington/Westboro. Check out our sign-up page for a map and address.
  • Our Centertown pickup is not yet confirmed. We’re working on it…

Chicken Update
We made it!

What was left of our chicken flock made it to Henderson’s Custom Meats on Wednesday for the final leg of their journey. It was quite an eventful one. The most eventful chicken saga we’ve ever experienced, by far.

After loosing most our flock to a pair of sadistic skunks, we were lucky to get a last minute batch of replacement chicks. We’re not setup to brood chicks so late in the season, and lost many of those to the cold. In the end, 58 out of the 180 chicks purchased ended up as chickens for sale. Just 7 under the number of reservations. Ooof.

It’s obvious that if we are to continue raising meat chickens,  renovations need to be carried out on our facilities. Work has already begun, and we are confident that our planned upgrades will help resolve most of the flaws in our system.

Our next batch of chickens is scheduled for June, 2014. Reservations will be available starting late winter, to CSA members and regular store customers only.

”Best year yet!”

We heard it a few times this season. We’ve heard it now and again in other years too, but this time around it seemed like the opinion was shared more than usual. So you liked the produce? Great! Now if I can just figure out what I did different this time… Just kidding 😉 But really, tell me why you liked the produce so much this year! We want to make sure we continue to evolve in a way that suits your taste.

We did have easier growing conditions this year, with so much less/or any irrigation to manage, lower pest pressure, and softer soil to harvest from. But the conditions weren’t necessarily ”better”. This summer was comparatively short, cloudy and wet. Crops like melons, peppers and some squash underperformed, and soil cultivation was difficult. Growth was generally slower than other

That being said, mild weather persisted very long into the fall, stretching the harvest time on many heat loving crops much later than usual. This masked the fact that very little actual fall crops were sown this year. Wet soils and a lack of hands (interns will be back next year) in July and August meant crops like radish, turnips, rutabagas, chinese cabbage and winter carrots never made it into the ground. Had you noticed? 😉

Our varied pallet of vegetables enables us to react to unpredictable growing conditions and maintain a steady flow of produce throughout the season. Coupled with the flexible appetite of our CSA members, this winner combination assures our ability to quite literally, weather out the storms.

We hope to offer a similar array of vegetables next year. Main changes include more efforts to offer more spring greens, such as spinach, and to provide a larger variety of produce in the fall. Our technique is improving so we can offer even more broccoli, consistent tomatoes and more leeks. Oh, and more kale… Obviously 😉 So what did I miss? You tell me!

Thank you for everything

Some of you may already know that big changes our brewing at Riverglen. Namely, Carolyn won’t be with us next year. Upon completion of her fall teaching semester, she will depart for faraway lands where a host of incredible experiences await her.

Carolyn has been involved at Riverglen since our very first year in 2007. Her contributions, support and dedication during her time here have been invaluable.

It’s hard to imagine life at Riverglen without Carolyn, but we still must move forward. A team will be assembled for our upcoming gardening season, and we will continue our efforts to make a living producing good food in Ottawa’s greenbelt.

Carolyn, I think I can speak on behalf of all our CSA members and store customers when I thank you for your unrelenting efforts and your compassion. May your travels bring you joy and inspiration.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    We shall miss your smiling face and great advice at our Farm pick ups. Thanks for your cheery presence and best of luck in your new adventures!
    The Sutherlands

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