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Autumn Begins with Warm Rain

Franco Ouest

Hello Every One!

I would like to start by wishing everyone a great fall season. As of today, there is officially more night than day. Now, don’t be too sad! Although very challenging, this summer has certainly brought us its share of rewards. Of course, in the heat of the moment, we sometimes overlook our achievements. Equinox is the passage to a season where taking a few moments to relax and feel good about our accomplishments.

For one thing, I’m happy about the volume and the quantity of vegetables we have been able to offer you. There has been great progress from our two previous years, and I hope to continue seeing the quality of our produce increase over the years.

Now, don’t worry. There are still three more weeks of vegetables coming up and you can still look forward to seeing new things in your weekly bounty! There was a strong current of cold air moving around Ottawa over the weekend.and although it seems to have passed by Ottawa, it did settle down our neighbourhood. When I surveyed the garden on Sunday morning, I saw the squash, tomato and basil plants were no more. Fortunately, the fruits hang on the vine unscathed and we scramble to pick them and get them in our storage room. If we’re on the ball, there might be tomatoes available right into October!

Besides vegetables, it has been a very busy week. One section of the barn was raised and reinforced, the hayloft has been filled with bales, we’ve had a visit from a film crew and a school group, we made prep 500 and even took the time to do an application on Saturday evening. It’s been pretty non-stop!

After all this great work, what better thing to do than party! Please come to our end of season celebration on October 17th. Riverglen Biodynamic Farm and the Community Shared Agriculture Community are thrilled to invite you to the first annual Harvest Open House and Ottawa’s Hugest Hundred Mile Potluck! We’re hard at work to make this one awesome party. For those who haven’t visited the farm yet, this will be your last chance this year. So put it on your calendar! 😉


– David, Robin, Marah, Jen, Roseanne, Sarah

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