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2008 Membership Information


The holiday season is already over and many of us have returned to normal work schedules. Then again, some people’s work schedules are anything but normal! I hope this year’s festivities have been good to all of you, and that you took the time to nurture relationships with friends and family.


I thought I’d give the good food community a poke, just to see if anyone is ready to start thinking about bountiful harvests of delicious vegetables. I have completed much of the planning for 2008, and you will find a membership package attached to this message.


There are a few things worth mentioning about 2008. First of all, you’ll notice that I no longer refer to David’s CSA. In order to emphasize the idea of community, I chose a name that wasn’t my own. I feel the Intentional Eaters Community well represents the character of its members.


Second, you may not recognize the address I have indicated on the sign-up sheet. I have recently taken a position as ‘field assistant’ with Quantec Geoscience. I am leaving for Thunderbay on Thursday. For the next 7 to 10 weeks, I will be hauling geological surveying equipment through the brush and forests of the Canadian shield. This is sure to keep me good shape for the springtime, and I’ll be earning a pretty penny while I’m at it.


Therefore, I have left Andre Brisebois as my Ottawa liaison during my absence. He has taken-on the task of receiving your membership information and your deposits, and processing them appropriately. Andre is a returning member from last year, and he is a trustworthy and responsible individual. He may be able to address some of your questions, although I expect to have access to e-mail. Don’t be shy to send me a message!


Some of you may also receive a membership package through the mail. You can use that copy yourself, or give it to a friend or a colleague. Remember, the community will be that much stronger if you involve people you already interact with. You could even leave a copy of the membership package where you think curious eyes might come across it.


Once you have decided to join the community, make sure to fill out the form completely and sign the bottom. It is important that all your information is given. Send the forms, along with your deposit, to Andre as soon as possible in order to reserve your spot in the group. The deadline for receiving the second half of your payment is April 1st, 2008.


And on that note I wish you a magnificent winter; I hope the snow returns! I will see you in the spring, with all of its splendor.





2008 membership package

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