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10th Anniversary Celebrations!

Hey folks,

I’ll take a break from writing about the weather (more about the drought in the vegetable update) to share some exciting news with you. This is my 10th anniversary at Riverglen Farm! It’s hard to believe I’ve been growing vegetables and operating a CSA here since 2007.
Veggie display – THEN
Veggie display – NOW
It’s pretty amazing to think of all the people who have been a part of this project at one point or another, and I am incredibly thankful for all of your support. There have been good times, hard times, and now it’s party time!

So make sure to drop in on Saturday, September 24th to get in on the celebrations. The whole team will be here to hang out, and we’ll be doing tours of the farm throughout the day. We also have a few surprises for our store customers πŸ˜‰

Garden and irrigation – THEN

For those who purchase a ticket we are preparing a harvest feast, starting at 5pm. We’ll setup outside and have a big country meal together. More details on the menu to come, but expect dishes highlighting our fresh vegetables, as well as our beef and chicken.

Festivities kick into high gear as the sun sets – The music gets a little louder, the bonfire lights and the beer cans crack open. Everyone is welcome to join our party!

Hope to see you there πŸ˜‰

Garden and irrigation – NOW
Riverglen Farm 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday, September 24th

Store opens @ 9 am, Info tours throughout the day
VIP Dinner @ 5pm
Party open to the public @ 7:30pm
Veggie Update

And now what you’ve all been waiting for – a few words dedicated to how we’re all super stressed about the drought! πŸ˜‰ It just keeps going and going, and even those of us blessed with an awesome well are having trouble keeping up. The water is on all day, every day, rotating from one section to another every two hours. It’s a constant preoccupation.

Although most crops are doing well, we are seeing very poor yields of greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and the melons plants are looking pretty slim. We just can’t pump enough water to keep up with the wicking action of the surrounding soil. It’s too bad to be short on such popular crops, but the strength of our system is that while some crops suffer, some do great!

This year it’s the beans. They’re pumping out like they’re going for a gold medal! This week the green beans pass the baton over to the yellow beans for an even more tender, juicy, bean crunching experience.

We’re also quite happy with our broccoli, root crops, herbs, hardy greens, and squashes which are all doing quite well. Keep your fingers crossed for the cauliflower and celery which should be ready over the next couple weeks, as well as fun, colourful varieties of beets and carrots.

We can’t water everything, and have been re-discovering the amazing properties of mulch! Here Gregor is working on the newly planted raspberries.
Meat Update

Here are a few important dates for beef and chicken pre-orders:

August 11th and 13th: Summer chicken pickup
September 22nd or 23rd: Beef Delivery
October 27th (tentative): Fall chicken pickup

Our summer chickens are ready for pickup this week so check your inbox for more information. I can’t wait to taste these fancy, new, Nova Freerangers!

Since we are doing 10 head of beef this year, we’ve had to look at upgrading our distribution system. We are simply not equipped (yet) to handle nearly 3000 lbs of frozen beef on site. The best option seems to be renting a freezer truck to pickup the beef from the butcher and deliver it directly to your door. This will allow plenty of time and space to organize the meat and get it safely to your freezer. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

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